How Our Travel Solution Drives Value

Travel Program Tops Among Commercial GPOs

As long as face-to-face meetings are a business mainstay, travel will be a significant area of spend for companies no matter their vertical market. As a former global travel manager for a major (retail/manufacturing/hospitality) enterprise, I quickly realized the value a membership in CoreTrust afforded in savings and other tangible benefits. In fact, I was so sold on CoreTrust, I joined the company and now lead our thriving travel program.

Members and suppliers already know the value of affiliating with our commercial sourcing GPO. Leveraging the spend of many large buyers (think $3.4 billion in indirect spend) yields pricing from suppliers that few businesses can achieve on their own. From the suppliers’ perspective, agreements with CoreTrust funnel more market share to them than they would attain otherwise. When members asked CoreTrust to expand our offerings in the corporate travel category, I embraced the opportunity to help others discover the advantages that come from our scale and aligned membership.


Growing Travel Portfolio

Rental Car. CoreTrust is Enterprise Holdings’ largest non-insurance customer with annual car rental days topping 6 million. We have negotiated best-in-class rental rates, customizable insurance coverage, reductions in city surcharges, global coverage and fast implementation. We also have options for employees’ personal use through our membership and your company’s utilization of the rental car program.

Travel Management. CoreTrust has partnered with American Express GBT to give members high-touch service, waived fees for value-added services including after-hours calls and extended service hours—even on weekends—and a web fare guarantee. We are currently working to expand this to an international offering.

Ridesharing, also known as ride hailing, is growing in popularity as an alternative to taxis, black cars and car rental. CoreTrust has an agreement with Lyft that includes a member company rebate on enrollments along with a member employee credit upon enrollment. Our agreement includes a surge pricing cap to minimize rate fluctuations during peak periods, increased liability coverage, indemnification and warranties. For those needing to arrange rides for a group of travelers, CoreTrust members receive a special rate on Lyft’s new Concierge Platform service.

Working through our Travel Advisory Board, CoreTrust members are helping us identify and prioritize new travel categories to capture additional savings. We’re laying the groundwork to add hotel and air offerings to our growing travel portfolio. We are collaborating with a leading analytics firm to aggregate and benchmark member travel data. Soon, we will be able to provide members with granular insights into hotel and air spend across top markets, city pairs, days of the week, fare classes, suppliers used, etc.  This will guide strategies for supplier selection and spend optimization to further reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

If your organization would like to start or improve your travel program, consider CoreTrust as your commercial sourcing agency. For a free no-obligation assessment, please drop me an email me at  

Claire Langford

Director, Travel Solutions