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CoreTrust is the definitive group purchasing organization (GPO) for large corporations and private equity firms with multiple-enterprise portfolios.  By leveraging the aggregated spend of the collective, CoreTrust enhances member profitability by negotiating and offering contracts with competitive pricing for non-productive supplies and services.

By partnering with private equity firms, their portfolio companies, as well as large-scale commercial enterprises, CoreTrust leverages extraordinary purchasing power by assuring suppliers of committed volume from these well-respected companies, in addition to the 1,500+ hospital members of HealthTrust.

Serving 1,400+ members, CoreTrust helps members realize sustainable, double-digit savings by drawing on our extensive contract portfolio and expertise.

Member advantage

Meaningful savings driven by the combined spend of the collective through strategic pricing negotiated with leading suppliers.
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Path to membership

Large private equity firms strategically align with CoreTrust to collectively drive the program, realizing results with an equity multiple for every dollar saved across your portfolio.
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Category offerings

Access the industry’s benchmark portfolio of 100+ categories, from office supplies to pharmacy benefits.
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