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Today’s Logistics: More Than Just Transportation Costs

Since 2008, the logistics services industry has undergone staggering change. Companies that historically looked solely to transportation for savings have had to find other ways to reduce the total spend in their supply chains. To better optimize supply chain performance, many of these businesses have turned to group purchasing organizations, or GPOs, to help with this challenge.

“Companies started putting a focus on supply chain because the chinks in their armor became very visible when things got tight,” says Jason Hanson, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing for CoreTrust. “They needed to get more done with fewer resources. To make intelligent decisions for their companies, they began researching the market to find solutions. Having a strategic sourcing partner became a necessity.”

End-to-End Supply Chain Management

CoreTrust Logistics was created to support our members by designing and developing supply chain solutions which deliver quantified value to the bottom line. From planning, sourcing raw materials, and manufacturing to fulfillment, shipping, and delivering end-user services, our logistics experts understand that the best way to improve the supply chain is by optimizing the entire flow.

“My mantra is to support our members by taking a holistic view of their supply chain,” said Dave Pollard, Assistant Vice President of CoreTrust Logistics. “We do this by identifying improvement opportunities across each of the supply chain nodes.”

CoreTrust Logistics’ solutions include North American transportation across all modes, global distribution from freight forwarding to final distribution and delivery, and ancillary supply chain solutions including TMS, Freight Pay & Audit, Network Studies, and Mode Optimization. Our experts apply the right solution to the appropriate supply chain component, resulting in improved supply chain performance and quantified value that flows directly to a member’s bottom line.

“We use a return on assets formula to quantify the value we bring to our members,” said Tim Moore, Director of CoreTrust Logistics. “We help them improve revenue, reduce expenses, reduce current assets, and minimize fixed assets. Impacting one or more of these components brings real, quantifiable value to our members.”

A Proprietary, Proven Approach

The CoreTrust Logistics team offers extensive market expertise – SMEs who have real-world experience in supply chain optimization, cost containment, transportation analysis and procurement, network analysis, and contract administration. Pollard and Moore are both supply chain veterans, with careers spanning decades at FedEx, C.H, Robinson, Lange Logistics and XPO Logistics Supply Chain. They bring their experience to a CoreTrust process that incorporates breadth and depth in supply chain management drawn from years of experience.

“We have deep knowledge across the value delivery spectrum,” said Pollard. Additionally, CoreTrust Logistics works across a wide range of industries including e-commerce, retail, health care, automotive, high-tech, aerospace, industrial and general manufacturing. Proprietary software combined with off-the-shelf solutions enable CoreTrust Logistics to be comprehensive in its analysis.

“Our process is structured, disciplined, comprehensive and ongoing – truly end-to-end,” Pollard said. “We put a solution in place, we identify improvements, and then we look for new supply chain opportunities. If there are other categories where CoreTrust can help this customer, then we make that introduction as well.”

The CoreTrust Advantage

CoreTrust Logistics provides its supply chain consulting as a pro bono service to members.  Transportation is a standard solution implemented across CoreTrust’s core carrier base and members are only charged for solutions that are in addition to this standard program. In addition to the aligned, aggregated spend of 1500 companies, participating members have access to advanced market intelligence, transparent pricing, and a dedicated member support team.

“We’ve realized that customers need more than just reduced cost, so we’ve evolved our offering to be much more comprehensive than just a yearly analysis of transportation rates,” Pollard said. “We optimize our member’s entire supply chain so you can realize quantified value to the bottom line. It’s a fundamental difference in approach and one that delivers significant and ongoing benefit to CoreTrust members.”

David Pollard

AVP, Logistics