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Global Transit Capacity Amidst a Pandemic

Many companies today are faced with the inability to meet production requirements or restock inventory.  The global pandemic, accentuated by trade wars, has resulted in a significant reduction in global capacity for both ocean and air freight; this leaves customers unable to get their shipments on vessels, causing weeks of delay.  Additionally, driver shortages in North America have significantly slowed the movement of product once shipments reach the port. Today, there is an excess of 40 container ships at anchor in Long Beach, CA waiting to be off-loaded, translating to an excess of 700,000 containers full of products going nowhere fast. Circumstances combined, transit time from between North America and Europe has increased by 7 days, with transit from Asia to both Europe and North America increasing by 13.

Prioritizing purchase orders can cause strain under the best of circumstances, and in the worst there is fear of losing a customer, shutting down a manufacturing facility, or risking empty shelf space. CoreTrust Logistics has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure that our members are able to maintain as much business continuity as possible. Our main goal is to keep product moving at a price for at or better than the market rate. We have partnered with best-in-class global transportation and logistics providers to deliver end-to-end solutions that allow you to manage your business while we manage your global distribution.

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David Pollard

AVP, Logistics