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CoreTrust Webinar Offers Insight into Value of Group Purchasing Organizations

If you ever meet someone at a cocktail party and ask about their profession, chances are if they respond “Glad you asked, I work for a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)” you may make a quick excuse and quietly exit the conversation from confusion, or disinterest, of what exactly a GPO is. However, we can tell you firsthand that this person is actually someone worth getting to know because GPOs are a bit of a gentle giant in their strength and leveraging power to secure competitive contractual pricing by aggregating spending across multiple companies. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t. Complex, yet it’s simple. Practical, rather than unfeasible.

Some of the most recurring questions CoreTrust Team Members field include: “What is a GPO?” “How do they work?” “What are the advantages?” “Where do GPOs add value?”

With this in mind, CoreTrust is partnering with the editorial team at Supply Chain Brain to offer an informational webinar entitled, “How to Streamline Procurement and Increase Buying Power Working with a GPO” on March 2 at 2pm EST. Attendees will learn GPO 101 basics, and walk away with the following learning objectives in hand:

  • What engagement with a GPO looks like
  • Myths on working with a GPO
  • Advantages on working with a GPO
  • Company Sourcing Strategies and utilizing a GPO as a tool to achieve company goals
  • Tactical vs. strategic procurement activities and where a GPO adds value

If you have ever had an interest in GPOs or were planning to do additional research on how they work and their distinct advantages to significantly reduce procurement costs, this is a good webinar for you to consider. Join us?

You can find more information about the webinar here, and to reserve a spot please click here. We hope to see you on the March 2 Supply Chain Brain Webinar!