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CoreTrust Provides GPO Thought Leadership via Guest Article Posts

The CoreTrust Team works hard on behalf of our members to drive strategic value. We demonstrate this in many ways from indirect spend analysis to market consultation to leveraging the power of aggregate spend. Our commitment is to deliver immediate savings and sustained value to large corporations and private equity firms – in fact, thousands of companies already utilize CoreTrust to gain savings from leveraged spend. They take advantage of pre-negotiated contracts with market leading suppliers for quick and immediate savings. CoreTrust provides the opportunity for our member companies to free up their time spent running RFP’s and managing contracts so they can concentrate on their own core competencies.

What CoreTrust also does is demonstrate thought leadership in the verticals we serve. We primarily accomplish this by offering our advice and industry expertise through educational articles designed to draw on experience and market intelligence, written for anyone who is open and willing to take steps to become more strategic with procurement and supply chain management. We are proud of our team and their willingness to share their knowledge in a manner that benefits everyone, regardless of whether or not they are a member. Recently, two of our CoreTrust colleagues offered articles that speak to their areas of expertise and were published by esteemed publications that serve their respective verticals.

Thought Leadership Article #1

Author: Matt Williams, AVP, Strategic Sourcing
Article Title: “Post-Pandemic Change Management: Don’t Let This Crisis Go To Waste
Publication: Supply Chain Brain
Article Summary: CoreTrust’s Matthew Williams offers his advice on how companies can seize the post-pandemic moment to be more proactive in implementing change management to increase material handling and facilities efficiencies and cost savings. Thank you to SupplyChainBrain and their editorial team for publishing Matt’s thought leadership “Think Tank” article!

Thought Leadership Article #2

Author: David Pollard, AVP Logistics
Article Title: “Stability in Logistics: Undervalued but Invaluable
Publication: Material Handling & Logistics
Article Summary: CoreTrust’s Dave Pollard has always felt that stability is a key attribute for any #logistics program – a strategy that prioritizes long-term #sustainability rather than chasing lower costs. It’s no secret that if companies focus on long-term stability, resiliency will increase and so will profits.

Our thanks to Dave and Matt for their thoughtful contributions to these publications, and willingness to share their experience and knowledge in a way that benefits everyone!