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CoreTrust Chief Revenue Officer James Hallock Guest on Digital Supply Chain Podcast

CoreTrust Chief Revenue Officer James Hallock was a recent guest on Tom Raftery’s “Digital Supply Chain Podcast” where he had the opportunity to discuss how Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) work, the benefits they provide to members by leveraging their collective purchasing power, and the impact they have on supply chain management. James and Tom had a great conversation discussing multiple topics related to the value that a GPO offers to companies including:

  • An introduction to Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and their role in procurement
  • How GPOs help businesses save money and streamline their supply chain processes
  • The role of sustainability in GPOs and the impact on supplier relationships
  • Debunking misconceptions about GPOs and their target audience

Often misunderstood, GPOs offer benefits that extend far beyond cost savings, helping companies save time and create efficiencies. James spent time discussing and clearing up common misunderstandings about a GPO and expanded on additional benefits available to companies who make the commitment to become a member.

Our sincerest thanks to Tom and his team for inviting James on the podcast to discuss “Unleashing the Power of Group Purchasing in Your Supply Chain.” There are two ways to view the podcast, for an audio recording click here and for the YouTube video of the Digital Supply Chain podcast episode featuring CoreTrust Chief Revenue Officer James Hallock, click here.

CoreTrust is committed to being Subject Matter Experts (SME) on a variety of topics related to procurement, the supply chain, contract negotiations, market analysis, economic forecasting, and more. We continue to be thought leaders in the GPO space and are looking forward to sharing more knowledge, tips, and advice in the days ahead!