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A Pandemic Silver Lining: Duty of Care is Drawing More Attention Than Ever

If the COVID pandemic taught us anything, it was that life disruptions can be hard to manage. It exposed cracks and weaknesses in so many aspects of our lives as individuals and as a global community, but it also gave us pause to re-evaluate our priorities, time to re-prioritize our lives in order of importance, and space to re-think existing policies and procedures. For anyone in corporate travel, greater awareness of and attention to corporate duty of care catapulted to the forefront of their minds.

Ask anyone who travels for work if they understand what resources are available to them and how to use them in cases of emergency or crisis and I bet you will be met with a lot of blank stares. The truth is, although Duty of Care has always been a topic front of mind for corporate Travel Directors, the pandemic highlighted and exacerbated travel risks and forced many companies to re-think employee safety and access to resources when they are away from the office on official business.

CoreTrust’s Claire Langford has been thinking a lot about the topic too, and took the time to write an excellent and informative article entitled: “How Expanded Risk Offers Opportunities To Improve Duty Of Care” recently published by The Company Dime, a travel industry resource dedicated to “quality journalism for those interested in business travel services, expense management practices and travel industry change. Our features, exclusives and analysis equip business travel professionals with vital info for top performance.”

Our thanks to Dave Campbell and David Jonas for publishing Claire’s article and continuing to host a forum dedicated to advancing issues, understanding, and education in the travel industry.